Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON) aims to support and to help sustain the health reform agenda in Nigeria. In the last two decades, HERFON has achieved admirable feats, including carrying out advocacy for better health outcomes, strengthening the capacity of stakeholders for health reforms, forming partnerships with other stakeholders in the health sector, and supporting evidence generation to inform policy designs and health planning in Nigeria.


  • Lawal Abubakar Chairman, Kaduna State
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  • 19b Jimmy Carter Street
    Abuja, Nigeria

Area of Expertise

  • Advocacy (media and communications, coalition building, lobbying legislature)
  • Training and capacity building
  • Educational materials development
  • Evidence generation
  • Health sector budget tracking
  • Health sector budget performance monitoring

Major Current Activities

Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria's (HERFON) Partnership for Child and Family Health Project is a coalition of seven indigenous Nigerian civil society organizations who adopted advocacy as a key strategy to tackle the problem of poor policy compliance, budgeting, and administrative frameworks to advance child and family health in Nigeria.

The project has recorded success stories in HERFON pilot states, including the creation of a budget line for family planning in the 2015 budget, the creation of a budget line for child spacing in the 2017 Kaduna state budget; and the creation of budget line for family planning in the 2017 Oyo state budget.