• Yuna Farhan General Secretary
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  • Mampang Prapatan IV Jalan K No.37, RT/RW 06/04
    Kelurahan Mampang Prapatan, Kecamatan Pancoran
    Jakarta Selatan 127900

    Jakarta, Indonesia
Area of Expertise

Founded in September 1999 SEKNAS FITRA performs budget analysis and advocacy to increase people's awareness of their rights regarding the budget. At present the FITRA's network is present in 13 provinces and municipalities.

Major Current Activities

  • FITRA's Profile 2011– Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative:
  • Representing civil society as a core team in the Open Government Partnership.
  • Socializing the Public Information Disclosure Act by performing a Accessibility Assessment of government agencies at the national level and, with the agencies, drafting a better information service.
  • Budget Advocacy Movement based on human rights
  • Performing a social audit of the government’s program and budget based on human rights.
  • Implementing Data and Information Centers that contain government programs/policies and budget information in village- to district-level. This work will be maintained by FITRA members in their respective areas, and by Seknas FITRA at the national level.
  • Assisting the public in each process of budgeting at the regional level.
  • Reviewing and forming the regulation for Regional Budget Management to equalize shared revenue for each region.
  • Managing and developing a Budget Resource Center.
  • Building the capacity of FITRA members through training and internship programs.
  • Publishing a website,, as reference for budget analysis.