The Institute of Social and Policy Sciences (I-SAPS) aims to inform the state-market dialectics by facilitating a dynamic interface between research and academic institutions, civil society groups, public sector organizations and corporate actors through a variety of programs with the objective of transforming Pakistan into a knowledge-based and a just society.


  • Abdullah Alam Research Fellow
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  • House No. 13 Street No. 1
    Islamabad, Pakistan
Area of Expertise

I-SAPS works on all aspects of education budgets in Pakistan and has published an annual report on public financing of education in Pakistan since 2009. The group also presents education budget proposals to policy makers for consideration. Based on these efforts, advocacy activities are undertaken where the evidence is shared with the relevant stakeholders in order to achieve better results.


I-SAPS has a dedicated web portal for its education budget work at Available resources include:

Major Current Activities

I-SAPS is engaged in research and analysis, policy dialogues and advice, and teaching and capacity building programs. Support and services offered by the Institute are available to public, private and development sector organizations and their staff. The Institute also engages in development projects at selected geographical areas.