Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies

Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales (ICEFI) is an independent think and do tank that produces research and technical analysis on fiscal issues in Central America. ICEFI also provides information, advice and capacity building on these issues, especially to members of legislative powers, local authorities, and civil society organizations. With a comprehensive and long-term vision, ICEFI promotes discussion and reflection aiming to seek consensus and agreements that contribute to building equitable, democratic and prosperous societies. 


  • Jonathan Menkos Zeissig Executive Director
  • Abelardo Medina Senior Economist
  • Ricardo Barrientos Senior Economist
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  • 12 Avenida 14-41
    Zona 10 Colonia Oakland, Guatemala City

Area of Expertise

ICEFI works throughout Central America from Guatemala to Panama on fiscal policy, tax, budget analysis from a human rights perspective, economic policy of tax reforms, political analysis and distribution effects, fiscal framework of competition, and the impact of social expenditure.


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Major Current Activities