Institute for Social and Economic Studies

INESC is one of Brazil’s more sustainable and high-capacity civil society organizations, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2009. Since 1991 INESC has used the analysis of public budgets as a strategic tool to influence public policies, with the ultimate mission of deepening Brazilian democracy and realizing human rights. INESC identifies two critical issues that the organization wants to address: public budgets that better contribute to the realization of human rights, and a more equitable tax system. Read INESC’s Profile


  • Iara Pietricovsky Director
  • Atila Roque Co-Director
  • Nathalie B.
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  • INESC Instituto de Estudos Socioeconmicos
    SCS QD 01
    Bloco L Nr 17
    Cobertura - Ed. Marcia, Braslia,DF
    CEP: 70.307-900 - Brazil
    Salas 433/441
    Braslia DF
    CEP 70.333-970
Area of Expertise

  • Economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights and budgets; legislative budget process and lobbying; democratization; citizen participation; monitoring of social expenditure; budget and policy analysis and advocacy; training grassroots and nongovernmental organizations on budget lobbying
  • INESC works specifically on issues including:
    • fiscal and budget policy
    • human rights
    • international policy
    • children and adolescents
    • indigenous rights
    • food and nutrition sovereignty
    • socio-environmental rights
    • land reform


    Major Current Activities

    • INESC's Profile 2011 – Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative.
    • INESC is currently developing a new methodology on budget and human rights. The goal is to produce an alternative budget to deepen the discussion and the application of a human rights approach as an indicator to define priorities on public budget expenditures.
    • Since 1991 INESC monitors and analyzes the federal budget and shares its findings with Civil society organizations. The analysis covers all stages of the budget process, including debates at the Brazliian National Congress. During these debates INESC lobbies to increase social expenditures.
    • Since 1992 INESC developed a Budget Policy Analysis Model and wrote reports covering budget expenditures from 1995 to 1998 on environment, indigenous people, agriculture, social assistance, and chlidren. In this model, the relationship between external loans (namely International Financial Institutions's loans) and the federal budget is very important.

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