Institute for Social and Economic Studies

The Institute for Socioeconomic Studies (INESC) is a public-purpose, non-partisan, democratic and pluralist non-profit organization. Its mission is to “Contribute toward improving representative and participatory democracy with the aim of ensuring human rights, by fostering links in civil society and strengthening it to influence domestic and international governance spaces.” Founded in 1979, INESC’s work, in all its projects, is based on two main goals: strengthening civil society and enhancing social participation in public policy-making. 


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Area of Expertise

INESC's areas of expertise include economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights and budgets; legislative budget process and lobbying; democratization; citizen participation; monitoring of social expenditure; budget and policy analysis and advocacy; and training grassroots and nongovernmental organizations on budget lobbying.

INESC works specifically on issues involving fiscal and budget policy; human rights; international policy; children and adolescents; indigenous rights; food and nutrition sovereignty; socio-environmental rights; and land reform.

LATERAL Project Partner

The Latin America Tax Expenditure Research, Advocacy, and Learning (LATERAL) project is an innovative collaborative research, capacity-building, and advocacy initiative launched by the International Budget Partnership and ten Latin American civil society organizations in 2016. LATERAL seeks to promote policy reform by shedding light on the impact of tax expenditures on inequality across Latin America. INESC’s LATERAL activities include:


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