Social Initiative for Democracy

Iniciativa Social para la Democracia (Social Initiative for Democracy, or ISD) is a civic-political association driving democracy, citizen participation, transparency, and the fight against corruption in El Salvador. ISD works to promote processes of social and civic participation, public transparency, and political advocacy through civic education that elevates the capacities of civil society and local and national government institutions.


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  • Pje Venus # 32 y 23U
    San Salvador, El Salvador

Area of Expertise

  • Civil society participation in government processes
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Transparency and accountability
LATERAL Project Partner

The Latin America Tax Expenditure Research, Advocacy, and Learning (LATERAL) project is an innovative collaborative research, capacity-building, and advocacy initiative launched by the International Budget Partnership and ten Latin American civil society organizations in 2016. LATERAL seeks to promote policy reform by shedding light on the impact of tax expenditures on inequality across Latin America. ISD’s LATERAL activities include:

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