The Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy is a non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, India whose aim to improve quality of life in urban India through systemic change.


  • Ambar Nag Manager, Open Works
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  • Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy
    UNI Building, 4th floor
    Thimmaiah Road, Vasanth Nagar
    Karnataka, India
Area of Expertise

Janaagraha works with citizens and governments to transform the quality of life—defined as quality of infrastructure and services and quality of citizenship—in Indian cities. The groups mission is to:

  • Make a measurable difference in quality of citizenship, with a focus on increasing citizen activity by encouraging citizens to participate in civic matters in their neighbourhoods, and to
  • Make a measurable difference in quality of infrastructure and services, with a focus on the quality of physical infrastructure and public services such as roads, footpaths, water, sanitation, drains, public amenities, environment, crime and safety.


Janaagraha's work on civic learning, city-systems reforms, municipal finance, municipal staffing and electoral reforms span across many Indian cities. Publications and projects include:

  • The Annual Survey of Indian City-Systems. The 2014 edition covered 21 cities. Read more »
  • The website, which has generated interest world-wide and is currently being replicated in 25 countries as IPAB International. Visit site»
  • Browse additional publications at »

Major Current Activities

  • Promote civic learning and engagement in neighbourhoods by educating citizens about their role and the role of government.
  • Actively facilitate citizen participation in civic matters.
  • Advocating governments to adopt a City-Systems Strategy and Transformational Blueprint in whole or in part by encouraging governments to adopt a strategic view of urban transformation.
  • Partnering with governments in implementing reforms to laws and policies in the high-impact areas of spatial planning, municipal finance, civic learning in schools, and municipal staffing.