Civil Association for Equity and Justice

The Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the defense of the rights of the most disadvantaged groups of society and the strengthening of democracy in Argentina.

Founded in 2002, ACIJ aims to defend the effective validity of the National Constitution and the principles of the rule of law, promote compliance with laws that protect disadvantaged groups, and eradicate all discriminatory practices, as well as contribute to the development of participatory and deliberative practices of democracy.


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Area of Expertise

The group's areas of expertise include strengthening of democratic institutions, civil society participation in government processes, equitable access to housing, transparency and accountability, and community legal action.

LATERAL Project Partner

The Latin America Tax Expenditure Research, Advocacy, and Learning (LATERAL) project is an innovative collaborative research, capacity-building, and advocacy initiative launched by the International Budget Partnership and ten Latin American civil society organizations in 2016. LATERAL seeks to promote policy reform by shedding light on the impact of tax expenditures on inequality across Latin America. ACIJ’s LATERAL activities include:


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