Evidence for Action

Mama Ye! is a campaign initiated by Evidence for Action, a multi-year programme which aims to improve maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa. Funded by the UK Department for International Development, it focuses on using a strategic combination of evidence, advocacy and accountability to save lives in Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.


  • Tunde Segun Country Director
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  • #16, House 5
    P.O.W Mafemi Crescent Off Solomon Lar Way
    Utako, Abuja, FCT

Area of Expertise

Mamaye uses evidence to hold Governments at the National and sub-national level accountable to its promises. The group achieves this by supporting development of annual operational health plans and costing and advocating for inclusion in the budget, advocacy for participation of CSOs in all stages of the budget development process, analyzing and tracking expenditure on the health budget and use of evidence to engage the legislators.


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Major Current Activities

  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Training and Capacity Building