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  • 47 on Strand, Office 203 47 Strand Street Cape Town 8001 South Africa
Area of Expertise

Ndifuna Ukwazi is a not-for-profit Trust based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its central purpose is the building of a cadre of young leaders through systematic and sustained education and mentorship as part of an institutionalized fellowship program. The goal is to turn fellows into more experienced and multi-skilled leaders through supervised project work and education in local and global politics, history and law.

The second key activity is to provide legal and research support to other social justice organizations. This is done to ensure that the rights in South Africa’s Constitution, as well as international laws, are upheld. Research and analysis is also conducted with a focus on the intersection of socio-economic rights, Constitutional obligations, and international human rights law. The underlying aim of this research is improving the living conditions of poor and vulnerable people, as well as achieving social justice and the safeguarding of human rights in South Africa and elsewhere.


  • Social Justice Coalition Pushes for Access to Sanitation in Informal Settlements in South Africa This case study details the campaign aimed to ensure that the City Council properly maintained existing toilets and also provided additional clean and safe sanitation facilities in informal settlements.
  • Budget Book 1 By Fritz Jooste and Alison Hickey Tshangana. This booklet is an activist’s guide to government budgets at the local, provincial, and national level in South Africa.
  • Budget Factsheet 1 This factsheet provides information on how the local governments in South Africa are required by law to involve communities in the annual budget process and the broader development planning for the City of Cape Town. It also provides readers with specific details of when and where they can engage in the process of setting priorities and monitoring government delivery of services to South African communities.
  • Budget Factsheet 2 A brief overview of the 2011-12 City of Cape Town Budget and Spending on Sanitation. The municipal budget has important information on funds that are allocated each year to provide critical basic services to poor households. This fact sheet uses Cape Town as a case study to show how budgets are organized, how funds are raised by the City, and how to read the budget to identify key priorities.
  • Budget Factsheet 3 This factsheet explains the City of Cape Town's procurement regulations and laws. This information will help communities better monitor the delivery of public services.

Major Current Activities

  • Building the capacity of civil society organizations to engage with government budgets in pursuit of social justice and government accountability.
  • Research and analysis for partner organizations focusing on human rights, Constitutional obligations and the living conditions of poor and vulnerable people.
  • Continued legal and research support for various civil society organizations in preparation for campaigns and public interest litigation.