Activists inspired by the work and memory of Mr. Omar Asghar Khan established the Omar Asgar Kahn Foundation in 2002. Its specific mission is to create opportunities for people, particularly the vulnerable, to strive collectively to secure human and livelihood rights by strengthening their asset base and making institutions and policies pro-poor. As part of the PI, and in accordance with its current goals and objectives, the Foundation seeks to continue supporting members of the public in using budget analysis to influence policy decisions and allocation and utilization of public finances. Read Omar Asghar Khan Foundation’s Profile


  • Ali Asghar Khan Executive Director
  • Rashida Dohad Program Director
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  • +92 51 261 1092 | +92 51 261 1094 | +92 992 332 382 | +92 992 332 384
  • +92 51 261 1090
  • 2-B, Parbat Road F-7/3
Area of Expertise

  • Strengthening local leadership and institutions
  • Supporting citizen activism and coalitions
  • Promoting public accountabliity and transparency
  • Providing livelihood support and disaster response


Major Current Activities