The mission of the Open Society Foundation (OSF) is to promote open society values and principles in the Ukrainian public agenda as well as enhance the effectiveness and accountably of public policy and finance. OSF works to ensure state resources are used efficiently, effectively, and transparently for the benefit of those who need them most, based on public interest and the principles and values ​​of an open society.


  • Leisia Shevchenko President
  • Leisia Shevchenko President
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  • 6 Bratska Street, office 402

Area of Expertise

  • Policy Analysis
  • Public Finances
  • Anti-corruption
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Civil Society Participation in Government Processes
  • Training and Capacity Building


OSF experts perform comprehensive research of the risks associated with the reform of local budgets. View OSF publications here.

Major Current Activities

OSF experts developed the monitoring methodology of the first Ukrainian transparency, participation, and integrity index of local budgets (TPI index). The Foundation and its partners in 15 cities used this methodology to analyze the local budgets of 17 cities in Ukraine.

OSF engages in a broader public discussion about the budgetary issues through numerous public events and publications in leading newspapers and Internet outlets. The group’s public finance initiatives include:

  • Analysis of Ukraine’s national and local budgets (with a focus on the largest local budget of Ukraine - Kyiv City budget)
  • Analysis of local target programs in Kyiv
  • Public participation: OSF analyzes the national legislation and political parties’ agendas and evaluates the prospective of public participation mechanisms.
  • Prioritizing citizen engagement in budgetary issues
  • Coordinate a coalition of partner NGOs in Ukrainian regions to develop and share best practices in budget monitoring.

Issuing policy recommendations and working with decision-makers towards their implementation