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  • Mrs. Wasingatu Zakiyah
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  • Jl. Kaliurang KM 5 Gang Tejomoyo CT III/3 Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia
Area of Expertise

  • The IDEA Association is an Indonesia civil society organization founded in 1995 to promote public policies that respect economic, social, and cultural rights through development planning and budget advocacy. While Indonesia has made significant progress in opening up democratic processes in the last decade, many marginalized or vulnerable communities have been left behind. IDEA gives a voice to these communities by empowering them to secure their rights through educational programs and advocacy training on national, regional, and local government budget policy.
  • Under the Partnership Initiative, IDEA hopes to expand on its ability to do budget monitoring and contribute to the strengthening of Indonesian democracy by increasing government accountability and transparency.

Major Current Activities

  • IDEA's Profile 2011 – Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative.
  • IDEA is an economic and social rights based budget advocacy organization that covers the issues of:
    • disaster risk reduction mainstreaming in planning and budgeting
    • improving people's participation in planning, budgeting, and auditing
    • promoting transparency in extractive industries
  • These efforts are carried out through community organizing, research, and campaigns (through both mainstream and alternative media).