Study, Formulation and Advise Institute on Political Science


  • Pedro Pontual
  • Lizandra Serafim Research Associate
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  • Rua Arajo, 124 - Centro
    So Paulo - SP
    CEP 01220-020
Area of Expertise

The studies and research conducted at PLIS are centered on urban issues, poverty and local development, municipal management and popular participation, and sustainability and quality of life.

  • Papers on Participatory Budget Experiences (2000-2008)
  • Budget: Comparative Study at the Subdistrict Level in the City of Sao Paulo
  • Budget: Comparative Analysis 2004-2005
Major Current Activities

  • These activities are the basis to analyze the present budget, the Plurianual Plan, and the Budget Guideline Law:
    • Participation in the Municipal Forum on the So Paulo Budget
    • Organizing information on budget revenues, budget expenditures, and on public municipal debt since 1989.
  • Annual seminar evaluating the experiences of Participatory Budget in the State of So Paulo
  • Member of Movimento Nossa So Paulo, a network of 400 civil society organizations that monitor public policies, including budget distribution at the district level in So Paulo