• Eshetu Bekele Executive Director
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    Code 1250, Addis Adaba
Area of Expertise

In 2001 a group of nongovernmental organizations in Ethiopia came together around participation opportunities opened by the first PRSP in Ethiopia. In an effort to ensure wider and more sustained commitment this taskforce transformed into a network in 2004. PANE has over 70 members working on water, education, HIV/AIDS, and gender issues. PANE works to empower citizens to participate in policy design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation in order to bring the voices of the poor to decisionmakers and to make civil society, government, and donors more accountable to the poor.

Budget Process Guide (also available in Amharic)
Major Current Activities

  • PANE is a former CSBI grantee and proposed a training workshop for network members to design and conduct budget tracking studies in their sectors of interest; increase public participation in the budget process and social accountability of government at different levels; and enhance budget literacy in Ethiopia.
  • PANE is also building participation in government with the Citizen's Report Card Survey and intends to apply the survey on a regular basis to assess the citizens own views about the delivery of basic services in various parts of the country.
  • As a network organization PANE hopes to eventually build the budget analysis capacity of its members to ensure a coordinated voice and maximum impact for budget work in Ethiopia.

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