• Samir Abdel Wahab
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  • The Faculty of Economics and Political Science, 3rd Floor
    Cairo University
    10H Nile Street
    Giza, Cairo
Area of Expertise

Performance-based budget, gender budgets, financial management, and participatory monitoring and evaluation.

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Major Current Activities

  • Research project on the management of the public budget
  • To simplify the budget and enhance the role of citizens and civil society in formulating and influencing the budget at the state level
  • Research project commissioned by the Arab Region Governance Program of UNDP, New York titled Promoting the Transparency and Integrity in the Field of Financial Management in the Arab World
  • Research project commissioned by UNIFEM, titled Budgets that Respond to the Needs of Men and Women
  • To introduce gender sensitive budgets and evaluate the progress of gender perspectives in the budget allocations of the ministries of youth and local development
  • Training on gender budgets for journalists and researchers
  • Training on performance based budget
  • To encourage the transparency and integrity in financial management and reinforce the role of citizens in the formulation of the budget
  • Training-manuals on gender budget-performance based budget

Newsletters And Regular Reports
Simplifying Public Budgets Series