• Sonali de Silva Chairperson
  • Mihiri Gunewardene Director
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  • +94 11 474 1411
  • +94 11 474 1411
  • 2nd Floor, Vidya Mandiraya
    120/10, Wijerama Mawatha
    Colombo 7
    Sri Lanka
Area of Expertise

The Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization committed to preserve, protect, and promote the public interest through the rule of law with a focus on environment and social justice issues. The PILF addresses many concerns of national importance through research, policy reform, advocacy, litigation and law enforcement.

PILF works in a number of areas including:

  • environmental justice and environmental governance issues
  • Access to information in relation to the environment
  • Poverty mapping in relation to air pollution and waste disposal
  • Compliance with judicial orders and law reform in Sri Lanka
  • Legislation to protect the environment
  • Public litigations on environment and social justice issues including the rights of the disabled

Major Current Activities

Participation in the IBP's Ask Your Government! Initiative.