The Centre for Social Accountability (CSA) is an independent institute affiliated with Rhodes University, based in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. The Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM), which forms a key part of the CSA, has undertaken applied monitoring of public resource management in the Eastern Cape since 1999. By engaging in the systematic and ongoing monitoring of these processes in key service delivery departments in the Eastern Cape, PSAM aims to strengthen public participation within each of these processes and ensure the increased responsiveness of each process. By doing so, PSAM aims to ensure that the rights of the poor and low-income communities in the Eastern Cape are progressively realized within the province’s available resources. Read CSA’s Profile


  • Jay Kruuse Head of Monitoring and Advocacy
  • Gertrude Mugizi Head of Regional Learning Program
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  • 16B Prince Alfred Street
    Rhodes University
    Grahamstown, Eastern Cape 6139
    South Africa

    P.O. Box 94
    Rhodes University
    Grahamstown, Eastern Cape 6140
    South Africa
Area of Expertise

  • The Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) is institute within the Journalism and Media Studies Department of Rhodes University situated in Grahamstown, South Africa. The PSAM strives to enhance the impact of initiatives aimed at improving the provision of basic services through more transparent and accountable governance and public resource management in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The PSAM consists of three programmes: The Monitoring and Advocacy Programme (MAP) conducts monitoring and research into public resource management (PRM) processes and related governance issues of transparency and accountability at local, provincial and national government levels in South Africa. The Regional Learning Programme (RLP) develops the capacity of social accountability initiatives through offering the Fundamentals of Social Accountability course three times per year. This course provides a systematic approach to monitor and analyze PRM processes and targets civic actors, oversight bodies, media practitioners and researchers in sub-Saharan Africa. It also undertakes various in-country activities. The Knowledge Management Programme (KMP) aims to develop the advocacy skills of accountability practitioners through research focused on issues relating to the evaluation of the advocacy impact of accountability and PRM initiatives.


Major Current Activities

  • PSAM's Profile 2011 – Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative.
  • Research on government performance to promote the progressive realization of socioeconomic rights and social accountabliity
  • Use of the Promotion of Access to Information Act to promote accountability
  • Training on social accountability offered three times a year to participants from Southern Africa
  • Country consultation visits in Southern African countries to share social accountability monitoring approaches with local citizens and exchange budget and social accountability monitoring tools and experiences
  • In-country exposure workshops in response to requests by partner organizations on how to implement the CSA’s social accountability monitoring methodology tools