The Latin American Network on Defense and Security


  • Marcela Donadio Executive Director
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Area of Expertise

RESDAL was formed in 2001 to conduct research on defense spending in Latin America. RESDAL is integrated by a network of 300 members, including mliitary, academia, international governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

A Comparative Atlas of Defense in Latin America - This publication serves as the first centralized source of defense budget information for the Latin American region. The atlas answers the following questions: Which government entities spend defense funds? What are the goals of defense spending? And how are defense funds spent? It is avaliable in Spanish, English, and French. Recently, RESDAL has published the Fourth Edition of the Atlas which includes a special dossier about the Carribean and Cuba. For more information on the Atlas, go to .
Major Current Activities

Publication of A Comparative Atlas of Defense in Latin America.