• Pallavi K Mali Program Director
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    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462 016
Area of Expertise

Sanket Centre for Budget Studies (SCBS), Bhopal is an initiative anchored by Sanket Development Group (SDG), Bhopal and is funded by Ford Foundation, New Delhi. SCBS is currently involved in State State budget analysis in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in collaboration with civil society organizations, media, legislatures, academics, and state government officials. The SCBS also undertakes sector and population analysis on education, health, livelihoods, water sanitation, etc., and their impact on dalits, tribals, children, and women. SCBS also works to demystify the state budget and offers capacity building of nongovernment organizations and individuals to better understand budget issues and use budget analysis findings to inform advocacy strategies. The SCBS works closely with the state government to adopt good budget practices to improve accountability and transparency.


  • Budget Bodh, Rajya Budget Sarlikaran - Ek Prayas (Hindi), 2007
  • Urban Madhya Pradesh, 2007
  • Education Sector Analysis Using Budget as a Tool, 2008
  • Proceedings on National Convention on Budgets, 2009
  • Moribund ICDS: A study on ICDS and Chlid Survival Issues in Madhya Pradesh, 2009
  • Margdarshika: Budget Tracking in Elementary Education (Hindi), 2009
  • Budget for Chlidren in Madhya Pradesh, 2010
  • Budget for Dalits in Madhya Pradesh (Hindi), 2010
  • Forest Right Act in Historical Perspective: A Glance at Madhya Pradesh (Hindi), 2010
  • Budget Saar- Bi-monthly publication on budget related issues- 2010

Major Current Activities

  • Budget literacy on state budgets through the bimonthly publication Budget Saar
  • Research on different social and development sectors like education, water and sanitation, poverty, health, malnutrition, marginalized sectors (dalits, adivasis, women, and chlidren), and fiscal decentralization at the state level
  • Initiative to demystify the district budget
  • Capacity buliding of elected representatives of PRIs on budgeting and planning
  • Dissemination of budget information and analysis to Civil society organizations (CSOs)
  • Capacity buliding of CSOs at state and district level.
  • Tracking of different government schemes and programs from state to beneficiary level to identify implementation loopholes with a focus on budget issues
  • Budget advocacy with various stakeholders