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  • Philip Thigo
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Area of Expertise

SODNET is a voluntary forum founded in April 1994 to promote effective strategic alliances among nongovernmental organizations interested in social development. One of SODNET's programs is designed to facilitate public participation in the budget process. Through social watch chapters SODNET provides opportunities for local communities to monitor the management of public resources across the country. This is achieved by processing public demands for probity, transparency, and accountability among public servants.

Major Current Activities

SODNET's Budget Literacy and Public Expenditure Monitoring Program provides ordinary Kenyans with a platform to effectively engage with other actors. This has allowed citizens to shape social policy processes that have an impact on development planning, resource allocation/use and monitoring of public resource management in a way that facilitates government fulfillment of the needs of the majority of its people and especially the poor.In the recent past and as an ongoing concern SODNET has been monitoring and tracking the budget allocation and use of CDF.

Newsletters And Regular Reports
SODNET publishes quarterly budget briefs widely distributed to stakeholders.