• Usu Mallya Executive Director
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Area of Expertise

Established in 1993 TGNP focused on the practical promotion and application of gender equality and equity objectives through policy advocacy and mainstreaming.TGNP focuses on macroeconomic policies and planning with a focus on budget processes to address gender equality as well as women's empowerment through training, information, lobbying, and network building.In 1997 TGNP and its FemAct partners started the Gender Budget Initiative to promote the design and adoption of tools to mainstrean gender budget policies.

Major Current Activities

Training on gender budgetingand performance tracking, gender and macroeconomics, policyplanningand budgeting, gender policyand HIV/AIDS, transformativefeminist organizing, and movement building. Coalition building and networking at local, regional, and international levels. Consolidate the Gender Training Institute as an autonomous training institution in response to the capacity needs for transformative feminist movement building, policy engagement, and social transformation at all levels.