• Sylvana Lakkis Acting Project Coordinator
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  • P.O. Box 15 5473
Area of Expertise

  • Advocacy to raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities and ensure their integration and participation in decision-making processes and promote equal opportunities
  • Community-based development projects including physical rehabilitation, inclusive education, and vocational rehabilitation

LPHU's Strategy Planning 2004-2009
Major Current Activities

  • Community Development Project - to achieve the social and economic integration of disabled adults and children in their local communities by empowering them to live independent lives
  • The Social Integration Project - to promote social and economic opportunities through the implementation of the law concerning the rights of disabled individuals
  • Promoting a Sustainable Livelihoods Strategy - to reduce poverty amongst disabled groups and increase participation
  • The Election Project - is based on the civil and political rights of disabled people to choose their representatives as a condition for their effective integration and participation in society.

Newsletters And Regular Reports
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