The Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC) was formed in 2005 to lobby for equitable, affordable, and sustainable access to treatment, care, and support for people living with HIV and AIDS in Zambia. The TALC is a movement that works with civil society groups, faith, and community-based organizations in seven of Zambia’s nine provinces. Currently the TALC is based in Lusaka but has over 100 affiliates throughout the country. As part of the Partnership Initiative, the TALC will analyze the distribution of government resources for healthcare and explore how the Zambian government can eliminate inefficiencies in the delivery of healthcare services. Read TALC’s Profile


  • Felix Mwanza Program Manager
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  • Plot 21 Mwalule Road
    Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia
Area of Expertise

Advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS, grassroots mobilization, and health literacy promotion.

Major Current Activities

  • TALC's Profile 2011 – Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative.
  • The Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign advocates for people living with HIV/AIDS. The group puts special emphasis on expanding access to anti-retroviral drugs and other treatments, educating those living with HIV/AIDS, and on reducing the stigma that comes with the disease.