Transparency International – Madagascar Initiative (TI-IM) is a Malagasy law association created in 2000 by a group of Malagasy citizens engaged in the fight against corruption. It is the national chapter of Transparency International in Madagascar. TI-IM’s goal is to contribute to the fight against corruption in Madagascar by promoting the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity to all stakeholders of the Malagasy society.


  • Séverine Diallo Advisor in Fundraising and Communication
  • Séverine Diallo Advisor in Fundraising and Communication
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  • City Planton Lot II U 86 (ground floor)
    101 Antananarivo Madagascar

Area of Expertise

  • Access to information
  • Civil society participation in government processes
  • Transparency and accountability


TI-IM’s recent research on corruption in Madagascar’s land sector, forest and mining sector, and private sector are available here.

Major Current Activities

TI-IM works on a projects that aims to reduce corruption in Madagascar, improve transparency in municipalities’ budgets from elaboration to monitoring, and to improve transparency in the transfer of state funds to municipality budgets.