• Nilangika Fernando Analyst
  • 5A Police Park Place, Off Police Park Avenue
    Colombo 05
    Sri Lanka
Area of Expertise

  • Access to information
  • Transparency and accountability

Major Current Activities

Verité Research is an interdisciplinary think tank in Colombo that works across the areas of economics, law and politics. Its economic research practice publishes a fortnightly column on key economic issues, with a particular focus on the importance of transparency and government accountability. Verité also disseminates such research through key reports, briefing notes, and briefings or seminars and is frequently quoted in the media. We also brief legislators and key civil society actors (e.g. trade unions, business associations, etc.) on important policy issues. Given the centrality of the budget to this process, Verité’s annual budget reports analyze key changes, trends, and important issues of public interest. The budget report and press columns based on it are widely covered in the media and are quoted in Parliament. Verité also monitors parliamentary proceedings closely through, a Verité initiative. provides the public with information on Parliament, MPs, and parliamentary performance, encouraging legislative and executive accountability in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Verité’s legal research practice has conducted in-depth research and analysis on Sri Lanka’s draft legislation on the Right to Information, an important legislative aspect to accountability.

Newsletters And Regular Reports