Budget for Children Analysis

Jun 19, 2011

The HAQ: Center for Child Rights in New Delhi and the Save the Children Foundation published a guide to increase the capacity of civil society organizations to analyze public expenditures

Grassroots Mobilization for Budget Advocacy

Oct 24, 2012

This report consolidates lessons on innovative approaches to citizen mobilization for budget-related advocacy from a peer exchange that took place in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2011 between the

Open Budget Survey 2019 – Global Report

Apr 30, 2020

Completed just before the pandemic hit, the latest survey provides a telling snapshot of government practices in 117 countries related to budget disclosure, opportunities for public engagement, and checks and

Stakeholder Analysis

Jan 19, 2010

January 2010 | by People’s Advocacy

Analyzing the stakeholders around your issue is a critical component to drafting a viable advocacy strategy plan. This resource from People’s Advocacy describes methods