Contingent Liabilities – A Threat to Fiscal Stability

Nov 22, 1998

PREM notes summarize good practices and key findings on various issues related to Poverty Reduction and Economic Management. Contingent government liabilities are associated with major hidden fiscal risks

Budgeting in Hungary during the Democratic Transition

Apr 22, 1998

This article examines budgeting in Hungary since 1989, beginning with an analysis of the comparative budgeting literature to identify an appropriate theoretical framework for the study. It explores

Financial Management: Developing a Capability Model

Apr 22, 1997

This study evaluates the effectiveness of financial management within governmental agencies in Canada. It aims to develop a common understanding of what is meant by financial management in

Budgeting for the Future

Jan 24, 1997

This report reviews and analyzes techniques being applied in OECD Member countries for incorporating a more long-term orientation to the budget process. The report consists of three chapters.

Mission Driven, Results Oriented Budgeting

Sep 24, 1993

This report, released in 1993, examines ways to improve the budgeting process, making it more reflective of government priorities and more focused on attaining specific results. It creates