Research on the Current State of PRS Monitoring Systems

Dec 24, 2004

This report reviews recent literature on monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies. It discusses four areas: institutional arrangements; the role of nongovernmental organizations; implementation and intermediate output monitoring; and using

Best Practices of Public Accounts Committees

Nov 22, 2002

This paper is part of a Handbook for Public Accounts Committees which seeks to identify best practices of Public Accounts Committees (PACs) based on comparative experience. The paper

What is a Gender Audit?

Aug 23, 2002

Overview of a gender audit, understood as a way to “locate women” in the national budget as well as in the economy. The author highlights the importance of

Defense Budgets and Civilian Oversight

Jun 19, 2001

Using a wide range of countries at different levels of democratic development, this piece analyzes civilian and military participation in four steps of the budget process: 1) budget