Fiscal Transparency, Accountability, and Risk

Nov 01, 2012

Fiscal transparency is a critical element of effective fiscal policymaking and the management of fiscal risks. This International Monetary Fund (IMF) 2012 publication discusses the distinct but related concepts of

Defense Budgets and Civilian Oversight

Jun 19, 2001

Using a wide range of countries at different levels of democratic development, this piece analyzes civilian and military participation in four steps of the budget process: 1) budget formation by

Budgeting for a Greener Planet

Feb 16, 2018

February 2018 | by the International Budget Partnership and United Nations Development Programme Click to Download »

Funds to respond to climate change are likely to be the single largest

What is a Gender Audit?

Aug 23, 2002

Overview of a gender audit, understood as a way to “locate women” in the national budget as well as in the economy. The author highlights the importance of a gender

Budget Watch

Jul 25, 2011

Example of state-based budget newsletter; includes analysis of California’s 2006-2007 budget.