Defense Budgets and Civilian Oversight

Jun 19, 2001

Using a wide range of countries at different levels of democratic development, this piece analyzes civilian and military participation in four steps of the budget process: 1) budget formation by

Exploring the Determinants of Budget Credibility

Jun 16, 2020

The extent to which governments stick to what is included in their parliament-approved budgets is what we refer to as the credibility of their budgets. Budget credibility is an important

Budgeting for a Greener Planet

Feb 16, 2018

February 2018 | by the International Budget Partnership and United Nations Development Programme Click to Download »

Funds to respond to climate change are likely to be the single largest

Open Budget Survey 2019 – Global Report

Apr 30, 2020

Completed just before the pandemic hit, the latest survey provides a telling snapshot of government practices in 117 countries related to budget disclosure, opportunities for public engagement, and checks and

What is a Gender Audit?

Aug 23, 2002

Overview of a gender audit, understood as a way to “locate women” in the national budget as well as in the economy. The author highlights the importance of a gender

Budget Watch

Jul 25, 2011

Example of state-based budget newsletter; includes analysis of California’s 2006-2007 budget.