Defense Budgets and Civilian Oversight

Jun 19, 2001

Using a wide range of countries at different levels of democratic development, this piece analyzes civilian and military participation in four steps of the budget process: 1) budget formation by

The Values of Money

Jun 03, 2015

Excerpted from the book National Values and Principles of the Constitution, this chapter discusses two of the core values of the Kenya public finance system: public engagement and equity in

IMF Manual on Fiscal Transparency

Mar 22, 2001

An excellent guide explaining IMF transparency standards in detail and discussing government approaches to meeting them. Also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, here.


Making Public Finance Public

Jan 22, 2006

The three case studies presented in this publication explore subnational budgeting in Croatia, Macedonia, and Ukraine. The publication also includes a cross-country synthesis particularly useful to those in universities, civil

Open Budgets. Transform Lives. (video)

Apr 09, 2015

In this video three IBP partners share their compelling stories of how they used budget analysis and monitoring to improve government spending and policies to help the poorest and most

Fostering Public Participation in Budget-making

Jan 22, 2007

This publication documents the experiences of pilot testing participatory budgeting at the local level in Indonesia, Marshall Islands, and Pakistan. The pilot testing suggests that civil society’s engagement is not