Guidelines for Capturing Social Audit Data

Dec 05, 2019

This guide is designed to help social audit volunteers capture on a computer all the social audit data that have been collected on the paper social audit questionnaires.

Roll Over: Budget Credibility in Kenya’s Counties

Dec 04, 2019

To what extent do county governments in Kenya deliver on their budget promises? Which sectors of the budget tend to be spent as budgeted, and which tend to receive more or less than what was allocated? What patterns do we observe across different counties, and to what extent can we identify common factors that relate to credibility? This paper dives deep into these questions, mainly with respect to the composition of the budget, though also examining overall revenue and expenditure. 

Reaping What You Sow: A look at underspending on irrigation in 5 countries

Dec 03, 2019

December 2019 | By Chloe Cho and Jason Lakin, International Budget Partnership This paper investigates the link between underspending and performance in the irrigation sector, focusing on 5 countries. Lack of transparency makes it difficult to establish this relationship, but available evidence suggests that failure to spend budgets can impede the execution of irrigation projects, […]

That’s Incredible! The Contours of Budget Credibility in Nigeria

By Samuel Atiku, BudgIT and Jason Lakin, International Budget Partnership, Sep 30, 2019

Nigeria has long had severe budget credibility issues, and recent evidence suggests that the problem has not improved. This paper probes the various factors that that may be contributing to the low credibility of the budget in Nigeria and presents an analysis structured around an assessment of eight different hypotheses for what could be driving the problem.

Budget Credibility Across Countries: How Deviations are Affecting Spending on Social Priorities

By Paolo de Renzio, Jason Lakin, Chloe Cho, Sep 20, 2019

As countries increasingly focus on meeting the SDGs, attention should be paid not only to the financing gap governments face but also to the “credibility” of their budgets – which measures governments’ capacity to effectively manage and spend the resources that they already have (or say they have). New IBP analysis using the World Bank BOOST dataset suggests that the lack of budget credibility is an important challenge that may undermine the pursuit of the SDGs in many countries.

Guidelines for developing a social audit questionnaire

Aug 27, 2019

These guidelines help you develop a social audit questionnaire that will collect evidence or information that will be easy to capture and analyse, and will provide accurate and representative findings and recommendations that can be used to engage with government.

How People Think About Fairness and Why It Matters for Equitable Budgets

By Jason Lakin, International Budget Partnership, May 21, 2019

How can we build a moral case for equitable budgets and redistributive policies that will resonate with a broad cross-section of society?  This reflective piece points to the need to collect more evidence on attitudes about fairness across countries and communities and to fashion messages that emphasize our common humanity, rather than our differences.