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The Open Budget Survey 2017

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Open Budget Index Rankings

The Open Budget Index is the world’s only independent, comparative measure of central government budget transparency. Countries covered by the Open Budget Survey are given a transparency score between 0 and 100, which IBP uses to construct the Index, which ranks the assessed countries.

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These resources will help you further explore the results of the Open Budget Survey.

Open Budget Survey Data Explorer

The Open Budget Survey Data Explorer is an interactive resource that lets users examine the results of the Open Budget Survey via data visualizations, custom reports, country datasheets, and more. Use the Data Explorer to:

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Open Budget Survey Budget Document Library

A country’s Open Budget Index score measures the extent to which it makes the eight key budget documents available to the public on the relevant government website in a timely manner and the comprehensiveness of publicly available budget information. Copies of budget documents that were assessed as part of this round and previous rounds of the Open Budget Survey are stored in our Budget Document Library.

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