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The Open Budget Survey 2017

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The Open Budget Survey Data Explorer lets users examine current and previous results of the International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget Survey in a myriad of ways including maps, timelines, regional comparisons, and more.

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Budget Document Library

The Open Budget Survey’s Open Budget Index measures a country’s commitment to budget transparency by assessing the public availability, timely release, and contents of the eight key budget documents. Copies of all budget documents that were assessed as part of this round and previous rounds of the Open Budget Survey are stored in our Budget Document Library.

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Resources for Governments

IBP and its civil society partners encourage governments to use the OBS findings and recommendations to guide reforms to improve budget transparency, engagement with citizens and civil society, and effective formal oversight. Explore additional resources governments can use to improve budget transparency, accountability, and oversight.

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Open Budget Index Rankings

The Open Budget Index is the world’s only independent, comparative measure of central government budget transparency. The Index assigns countries covered by the Open Budget Survey a transparency score on a 100-point scale using a subset of questions that assess the amount and timeliness of budget information that governments make publicly available in eight key budget documents in accordance with international good practice standards. Each country is given a score between 0 and 100 that determines its ranking. The Open Budget Index 2017 showed a modest decline in average global budget transparency scores, from 45 in 2015 to 43 in 2017 for the 102 countries that were surveyed in both rounds. This decline is in stark contrast to the average increase of roughly two points documented in each round of the survey between 2008 and 2015.

The Open Budget Index 2017

Download the Open Budget Index 2017 here, or click on a country to see how it performed against the Open Budget Survey’s measures of budget transparency, public participation, and oversight, as well as detailed recommendations for improvement.

Budget Transparency is Sufficient
Budget Transparency is Insufficient
Extensive Information Available (81-100) Substantial Information Available (61-80) Limited Information Available (41-60) Minimal Information Available (21-40) Scant or No Information Available (0-20)
Sweden 87/100
Norway 85/100
Georgia 82/100
Mexico 79/100
Brazil 77/100
Romania 75/100
France 74/100
Australia 74/100
Italy 73/100
Peru 73/100
Russia 72/100
Canada 71/100
Slovenia 69/100
Germany 69/100
Bulgaria 66/100
Portugal 66/100
Indonesia 64/100
Jordan 63/100
Guatemala 61/100
Japan 60/100
Uganda 60/100
Poland 59/100
Slovakia 59/100
Turkey 58/100
Moldova 58/100
Croatia 57/100
Chile 57/100
Costa Rica 56/100
Thailand 56/100
Ukraine 54/100
Spain 54/100
Honduras 54/100
Kazakhstan 53/100
Nepal 52/100
Senegal 51/100
Ghana 50/100
Argentina 50/100
Namibia 50/100
Albania 50/100
Colombia 50/100
Ecuador 49/100
India 48/100
Kenya 46/100
Malaysia 46/100
Mongolia 46/100
Hungary 46/100
Morocco 45/100
Sri Lanka 44/100
Pakistan 44/100
Serbia 43/100
Nicaragua 43/100
Paraguay 43/100
Egypt 41/100
Bangladesh 41/100
Mozambique 41/100
Fiji 41/100
Mali 39/100
Tunisia 39/100
Benin 39/100
Macedonia 37/100
Liberia 36/100
Madagascar 34/100
Azerbaijan 34/100
Tajikistan 30/100
Malawi 26/100
Angola 25/100
Zimbabwe 23/100
Rwanda 22/100
Cambodia 20/100
Nigeria 17/100
Vietnam 15/100
China 13/100
Tanzania 10/100
Bolivia 10/100
Botswana 8/100
Somalia 8/100
Comoros 8/100
Zambia 8/100
Myanmar 7/100
Burundi 7/100
Cameroon 7/100
Algeria 3/100
Iraq 3/100
Lebanon 3/100
Swaziland 3/100
Chad 2/100
Sudan 2/100
Niger 0/100
Venezuela 0/100
Lesotho 0/100
Qatar 0/100
Yemen 0/100