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Open Budget Survey Document Availability Tracker

December 2016 Update

To recognize improvements and identify slippages in budget transparency between rounds of the biennial Open Budget Survey, we periodically assess the public availability of the eight key budget documents – an essential component of transparency. This update presents the results of the most recent of these interim assessments.


Open Budget Survey 2015December 2016 Update
Pre-Budget StatementN/AProduced for Internal Use Only
Executive's Budget ProposalN/AProduced for Internal Use Only
Enacted BudgetN/AAvailable to the Public
Citizens BudgetN/ANot Available Online
In-Year ReportsN/AProduced for Internal Use Only
Mid-Year ReviewN/ANot Produced
Year-End ReportN/AProduced for Internal Use Only
Audit ReportN/AAvailable to the Public

As of 31 December 2016, the government of Burundi makes two of eight key budget documents publicly available online in a timeframe consistent with international standards.

To improve budget transparency, Burundi should publish an Executive’s Budget Proposal, a Year-End Report, and In-Year Reports. For more information on the content that the eight key budget documents should contain, and the publication timeframe for each document, please see IBP’s Guide to Transparency in Government Budget Reports and the Open Budget Survey Guidelines on Public Availability of Budget Documents.

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