OBI Training Materials for Governments

Jun 15, 2012

These documents are training materials used as part of the IBP’s Mentoring Governments Program. They include questions and responses from the Open Budget Survey regarding certain key budget documents,

2016 Annual Report

Apr 25, 2017

…sector investors, supreme audit institutions, and international nongovernmental organizations.

Leveraging International Actors for Open Budgeting

IBP is committed to improving how global, national, and local institutions work for…

Training Tunisian Media to Report on the Budget

Jan 14, 2014

…have been training journalists in Tunisia on how to cover budget matters in the country. These workshops build on those that IBP conducted in the summer for civil society organizations,…

About IBP

Jan 14, 2011

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) is the leading international organization dedicated to ensuring governments are responsible stewards of public funds. We work with civil society partners in over 120

Guides & Toolkits

Apr 16, 2015

…of audiences, from those who are just beginning to conduct budget advocacy work as well as those who have years of experience.

IBP Guides and Toolkits Non-IBP Guides and Toolkits…