Guidelines for Capturing Social Audit Data

Dec 05, 2019

…designed to help social audit volunteers capture on a computer all the social audit data that have been collected on the paper social audit questionnaires. This guide shows how to…

Guidelines for developing a social audit questionnaire

Aug 27, 2019

August 2019, International Budget Partnership South Africa and Social Audit Network South Africa

A social audit is a community-led process where residents compare the service they receive against what is

Kenya: 10 Key Questions About Your County Audit Report

Apr 04, 2019

April 2019 | Mokeira Nyagaka and John Kinuthia, International Budget Partnership Kenya Click to Download »

In Kenya, county Audit Reports give an independent evaluation on whether counties were prudent

Kenya County Audit Reports

What is a Gender Audit?

By Barbara Swirski. Aug 23, 2002

Overview of a gender audit, understood as a way to “locate women” in the national budget as well as in the economy. The author highlights the importance of a gender